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CD / DVD / BluRay Replication

CD / DVD / BluRay Replication

Smart Digi-Media offers a truly comprehensive Replication package, which includes mastering, printing, packaging and distribution capabilities.

Replication is the process of transferring Pre-Mastered data format to a glass master. The glass master is then made into a Stamper, which is ultimately used in production. The Stamper is placed into Smart Digi-Media’s high-speed injection molder, which create complete digitized data CDs or DVDs.

Replication Formats Include:

  • CD: 80 Min, 700 MB
  • DVD-5: 4.7 GB, Single Sided format
  • DVD-9: 8.5GB, Dual Layer
  • DVD-10: 9.4 GB, Double Sided
  • BluRay DVD: BD25, Single Layer
  • BluRay DVD: BD50, Double Layer
Smart Digi-Media’s quality media and equipment guarantees that the final product quality is a cut above for both Replication and Duplication services.